December 1-17, 2020

What to watch today at AWS re:Invent?

FooBar special live stream during re:Invent to help you pick what to watch and learn about the latest launches.

What to Watch Today at AWS re:Invent?

This year re:Invent is virtual and there are over 500 sessions and all kinds of activities. Finding the right session for you can be hard. In this daily live show, Marcia and her guests will curate some content for you based on our experience and also we will talk about the latest launches and thing that are going on at re:Invent.

X Guests

AWS Heroes, Community Builders and Developer Advocates

1-17 December



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Guest Schedule

All episodes will feature different guests and will cover different topics so stay tuned.

Speaker 1

December 1st - 15:00 CET

Let's talk about what to watch today in re:Invent. Some obvious things are Andy Jassy keynote and the first sessions that get published. The focus will be around Serverless and Open Source

Marcia Villalba Ricardo Sueiras Aleksandar Simovic
Speaker 2

December 2nd - 14:30 CET

Today we for sure will spend quite a lot of time talking about the announcents. But we will be also talking about the most watch sessions about Serverless and Start ups.

Marcia Villalba Ant Stanley Rob de Feo
Speaker 3

December 3rd - 14:30 CET

The week is coming to an end and I imagine today we will keep on discussing Andy's keynote and this will be a session full of Serverless recommendations.

Marcia Villalba Anton Babenko Julian Wood
Speaker 1

December 8th, 15:00 CET

Week 2 is starting! And today we have the Machine learning keynote. Topics TBD.

Marcia Villalba Darko Mesaroš Danilo Poccia
Speaker 2

December 9th, 14:30 CET

Today is the day after the Machine learning keynote, lets chat about that. Also we will focus on what to watch on the Security topic and Serverless.

Marcia Villalba Faye Ellis Sheen Brisals
Speaker 3

December 10th, 14:30 CET

Today is the Infrastructure keynote, that is for sure a must. But what else? Topics that we will focus are DevTools and Cloud Architecture

Marcia Villalba Boaz Ziniman Matt Coulter
Speaker 1

December 15th, 15:00 CET

Week 3 is starting! And today is Werner Vogel keynote. But what else you can watch? Lets focus on Serverless and DevTools.

Marcia Villalba Angela Timofte Ari Palo
Speaker 2

December 16th, 14:30 CET

Let's chat about Werner's keynote. And also what to watch on the Serverless and Data streaming topics.

Marcia Villalba Slobodan Stojanović Anahit Pogosova
Speaker 3

December 17th, 14:30 CET

Wow! We are in the last episode! Today lets talk about what is left and what you should watch about Serverless and AWS Architecture.

Marcia Villalba Yan Cui Zamira Jaupaj


AWS Heroes, Community Builders and AWS Developer Advocates will join Marcia to talk about re:Invent

Ant Stanley

AWS Serverless Hero

Zamira Jaupaj

AWS Community Hero

Anton Babenko

AWS Community Hero

Sheen Brisals

AWS Serverless Hero

Faye Ellis

AWS Community Builder

Yan Cui

AWS Serverless Hero

Angela Timofte

AWS Serverless Hero

Slobodan Stojanović

AWS Serverless Hero

Anahit Pogosova

AWS Community Builder

Aleksandar Simovic

AWS Serverless Hero

Ari Palo

AWS Community Builder

Matt Coulter

AWS DevTools Hero

Ricardo Sueiras

Open Source Developer Advocate AWS

Rob de Feo

Startup Advocate AWS

Boaz Ziniman

Developer Advocate AWS

Darko Mesaroš

Developer Advocate AWS

Julian Wood

Serverless Developer Advocate AWS

Danilo Poccia

AWS Developer Advocate